What Is A Platform Agreement

8.2 Amendment. Our platform agreement may change from time to time. We will publish all the changes on www.stashaway.my/legal/platform-agreement. If you continue to use or access our platform, it is considered that you have accepted these changes without reservation. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, the services of your registered agent are limited to the receipt and transfer of objects under the law, law, regulation or contract and do not include the provision of a commercial or postal address, regardless of that law, rule, regulation or contract. Your registered agent is not required to transmit the items received due to unauthorized use of your registered agent`s address (the “registered address”), and neither your registered agent nor Legalinc assumes responsibility for the loss of those assets. You take responsibility for these losses, whether you have authorized or initiated the unauthorized use. Your registered agent may ask you for reimbursement for all charges related to the unauthorized use of the registered address. Your registered address`s primary purpose is to comply with the status of the state for “Service of Process” and this address can only be used to receive emails on your behalf. Unless otherwise stated, the main business address you list in an archived document must reflect your company`s main address, regardless of the state in which that address is located. “account,” any account created by StashAway Malaysia for you and granted to you under an agreement; 1.2. Services.

TLF provides you with various services via the platform. Additional conditions may apply to each service, as indicated in the specific terms of use of the service. TLF may add new services and modify, restrict or remove existing services from time to time and at TLF`s sole discretion. The use of certain services may require you to visit or otherwise use certain third-party services subject to third-party terms of use. In order to avoid doubts, the services do not contain any and this agreement does not apply to third-party software code hosting sites that are linked to the platform or are referenced by other means by the platform whose use is subject to separate agreements with third parties; or (b) licensing of open source software for projects whose use is subject to the corresponding licenses for this software. In addition, this agreement does not infringe on open source licensing rights for software that includes open services. 11.8 Relations between the contracting parties. There must be no partnership or joint venture created by this agreement.