Wa Primary Health Alliance Enterprise Agreement

Under the terms of the company agreement, most of the 85 sodexo Remote Sites workers who provide catering and cleaning services for offshore facilities off the coasts of Vic and WA will receive an additional $15,000 per year once the agreement is approved by the Fair Work Commission. You will also receive a registration payment of $550 per month of service, as the existing business agreement expired in November 2017. This will provide some members with an additional $20,000. The unions in the alliance – the Australian Workers` Union (AWU) and the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) – have just delivered a new company deal with an immediate 15% pay rise, guaranteed annual increases and a payment that also serves as an additional payment. Six months later, Sodexo again tried to approve a basic non-union agreement for the companies, under conditions that were still painfully low. The OUAIS was able to intervene again, this time with the support of the MUA. Sodexo`s agreement was again rejected by the Commission in November 2018. Please note that in 1998, individual agreements were certified for each health service for registered nurses, with some differences between them. Only a representative sample is available below. In March 2019, the Commission again heard Sodexo`s application. The Alliance unions again opposed the approval of the company agreement and, six months later, the Commission agreed with the alliance that the agreement could not be approved and rejected Sodexo`s request.

When the JAEs became aware that the agreement had been submitted to the Fair Work Board for approval, they applied to the Board against the approval of the agreement. Sodexo finally admitted and filed this application in early 2018. Sodexo submitted an agreement to employees for a vote in October 2020. A majority of employees voted in favour of the agreement, which proposes a number of significant improvements to the conditions of Sodexo`s offshore employees, including: 1. An immediate increase in wage rates of 15%;2. The retirement pension payable for all hours;3. The commitment of Aboriginal employment;4. Workplace safety provisions – Contractors and temporary agency workers must have at least the same conditions as those covered by the company agreement; 5. Training of shop stewards;6.