Sales Representative Agreement Deutsch

No contract is perfect. There will always be problems and problems in any dynamic business relationship. However, if you take the time to check, understand and negotiate a contract and ensure that it clearly recalls the duration agreed with the contracting authority, you will probably have the legal basis for an excellent business relationship that benefits both parties. Finally, school leaders and representatives should see themselves as a team working together to promote the sale of the client`s products. A good representation agreement is part of this common goal. 4. The determination of commissions must be clear and not subject to unnecessary conditions — it is a question of being paid. So make sure you get paid for your fruitful efforts. If you are an exclusive representative, which means that you are responsible for an exclusive zone or account, you should receive a commission for all sales in that region. Commissions should not be tied to your “satisfactory” performance.

Avoid distribution agreements that designate you as your exclusive representative or with an exclusive area, that also bind commissions only to sales you have purchased or requested or that result from your efforts. Such a language is diametrically opposed to a legitimate exclusive territory. This agreement is designed to be used in any state of the United States and can also be used in an international context. 9. This form may be used in the international context and the provisions intended to take account of such use are listed below. A number of countries have also adopted laws on the protection of commercial agents or commercial agents (Member States of the European Community, Costa Rica and most countries in the Middle East, to name but a few). These statutes may restrict the manufacturer`s ability to make changes to the product line or area or to terminate the agreement (or refuse to renew it). Therefore, it is essential to consult a competent lawyer licensed in the country concerned, since the commitments may be important for the manufacturer under these laws (although this is most often an exercise of due diligence, since such debts cannot generally be contractually excluded). It is a contract by which a company that provides products or services and wishes to expand its sales in overseas markets appoints either an individual or a company (the representative) with extensive knowledge and experience in overseas trade and international marketing. The main clauses of the agreement (non-compete obligation, negotiation of transactions, remuneration of the representative, administrative costs, remuneration, etc.) provided a number of proposed text options, which are the most appropriate according to the authors of the contract (companies or representatives). This form is intended for use in any state in the United States.

However, as with any U.S. user agreement, the possibility of changing laws should be considered from state to state (which are commented on below, where the material).