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Our “big game” is coming up!

Kyle said it best last night at the bonfire when he invited everybody to the band’s “big game” this coming Saturday. The festival at Thomas Jefferson HS is the biggest one we go to all year and it’s a blast!  If you don’t believe me, take a look at this line-up:

6:45pm – New Horizons Majorettes (Pre-Show)

7:00pm – Thomas Jefferson High School (Opening Ceremonies / National Anthem)

7:13pm – North Hills High School Marching Band

7:26pm – Monessen High School / Middle School Greyhound Marching Band

7:39pm – Allderdice High School Dragon Marching Band

7:52pm – Avella High School / Middle School Eagle Marching Band

8:05pm – Pittsburgh Obama Academy Eagles “P.E.P” Marching Band


8:35pm – Edison High School Wildcat Marching Band

8:48pm – Greensburg Salem High School Golden Lions Marching Band

9:01pm – Mount Lebanon High School Blue Devil Marching Band

9:14pm – West Mifflin High School “Big Red” Marching Band

9:27pm – Thomas Jefferson High School Jaguar Marching Band

9:40pm – California University of Pennsylvania Marching Band

9:55pm – Awards Presentation

This is our biggest show each year because of the wide variety of bands that we see, and the huge audience that only gets to see us at TJ.  If you notice, they’re from different areas and are all different sizes.  Some of the bands march in a traditional style and some march corps style like we do.  This is always the kids’ favorite festival of the year, and YOU should make a point to go out and see them perform there!

The Tribune Review published an article about the festival. Check it out here.

Tickets are $6 per person, and the proceeds benefit the TJ Band Parents Association.  Thomas Jefferson HS is just off of Route 51 near Century III Mall.  Here are Google Map directions from GSHS:

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I hope you can all join us on Saturday! We are having a really great season, and you’ll be SO proud of your son or daughter when you hear the crowd cheering for them at this show!