Modest Agreement Definition

In addition, we demand that our men respect biblical standards of decent and modest clothing; we require them to wear shirts with modest length sleeves when they appear in public. We demand that all our men appear in public with sleeves under their elbows. Women`s incense lines should be modestly below the knees. It is forbidden for our fellow citizens to perform in public with transparent or indecent clothing, including shorts or swimsuits. Parents are obliged to dress their children modestly in accordance with our general principles of Christian clothing. In addition, we prohibit our people from participating in body piercing, tattooing or body art practices. [50] Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish women usually wear skirts that cover their knees, with blouses or shirts covering the collarbone and sleeves with their elbows. [70] Transparents should not be used and clothing is not expected to be tight or “provocative.” [71] Less severe conservative Judaism recommends modest clothing, but this is not universally taken into account. The less restrictive branches of Judaism tend to adopt the modes of society in which they live. Modesty, sometimes known as discouragement, is a type of clothing and deportation that intends to avoid the promotion of sexual attraction in others. The word “humility” comes from the Latin word modestus, which means “keep within the measure.” [1] Standards of modesty are cultural and contextual and vary widely.

In this use, it may be considered inappropriate or indecent to reveal certain parts of the body. In some societies, modesty can affect women who fully cover their bodies and do not talk to men who are not immediate members of their families; in others, a rather informative but one-piece bathing suit is considered modest, while other women wear bikinis. In some countries, body exposure, in violation of community standards of modesty, is also considered public indecency, and public nudity is generally illegal in most parts of the world and considered indecent. For example, Stephen Gough, a lone man who tried to walk naked from south to north in the UK, has been jailed several times. [2] However, nudity is sometimes tolerated in some societies; For example, Digambara monks in India who, for ascetic reasons, give up clothing, and during a World Naked Bike Ride. [3] The bank`s missing loans, while still modest, continue to increase. In most Hindu temples modesty rather than sexual temptation is expected. Men and women usually wear traditional clothing during ceremonies and religious rituals in a temple, with women wearing Indian clothing or regional saris. [61] In Indonesia and Cambodia, Hindu Templars are often invited to wrap their waistlines with a traditional one-piece cloth called Kamben, Wastra or Sarung, with or without Saput. [62] Normally, state bars maintain a list of lawyers who have agreed to reduce the costs of transfers previously controlled by this modest fund program. Each assignment has specific rules for the program.