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It’s time for Marching Band!

Mini camp starts this week, so here are some helpful reminders for the events that will take place before the school year starts!

Every member of the marching band will need to attend mini camp and band camp. This includes wind players, drumline, band front and managers. If a student has NEVER been in the marching band before, they will also need to go to Rookie Camp this Wednesday at 1 PM.

For mini camp on Thursday and Friday, report to the band room at 8 AM for our morning announcements. Mini camp is almost entirely spent outside, so come prepared! Wear sneakers (with flexible soles) and socks. Everybody should bring a large container for water, and wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. We will end at noon on those two days.

Saturday, August 8 is the band family picnic. This celebration is for everybody, and it’s FREE, so bring the whole family! We will be at Youngwood Park and Pool starting at 6:30 PM, and we have it ALL to ourselves that evening! We hope you will all come and have a relaxing time getting to know your band family.

Band camp is in full swing during the weeks of 8/10-14 and 8/17-21. We will again begin in the band room at 8 AM, but full band camp ends at 3 PM instead of noon. Here is a breakdown of our basic schedule:

– 8 AM: Morning announcements and attendance
– 8:05 AM: Full band stretching, then stretches in sections
– 8:30 AM: Marching fundamentals
– 9:00 AM: Section competition practice
– 9:30 AM: Drill instruction (marching only) – water/restroom breaks as needed
– 11:00 AM: Sectionals
– 12:00 PM: Lunch
– 1:00 PM: Full winds/drumline in band room; Auxiliary sectionals.
– 2:00 PM: Full band outside on the field – put together drill from morning with music/routines
– 2:55 PM: End of day announcements in band room
– 3:00 PM: Dismissal

Everybody needs to be prepared for an intensive 7 hour day during band camp. Band is an outdoor activity, so we will be outside unless there is lightning or a torrential downpour. Watch the forecast and be prepared for any kind of weather. PLEASE bring an extra set of clothes – shirt, shorts, socks and shoes – the first day and put them in your band locker, because you will likely need to change your clothes completely at least once during band camp (ask a veteran about the ‘foam incident of 2012′).

You all also need to have a “dot book” – a tiny notebook for writing drill spots – pencil and drill markers (poker chips/playing cards/something flat) with you at all times on the field. These items, along with your sneakers, socks, sunglasses, sunblock and water, are essential for every rehearsal.

The band parents will feed us lunch in the cafeteria each day during band camp. Part of your 100 point mandatory fundraising goes toward lunch at band camp, so everybody should take advantage of the good food they will provide!! Here is the menu (it’s subject to change, but we will tell you ahead of time if it does):

(Fruit and Tossed salad served everyday)

Monday, August 10–Corn dogs, potato wedges, peas
Tuesday, August 11–Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, greens beans
Wednesday, August 12–Spaghetti, meatballs, salad
Thursday, August 13–Hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, macaroni/potato salad
Friday, August 14–Macaroni and cheese, broccoli, salad

Monday, August 17–tacos, corn
Tuesday, August 18–Chicken casserole, salad
Wednesday, August 19–Breakfast for lunch
Thursday, August 20–Chicken nuggets, fries
Friday, August 21–Left overs/pack your own

As of right now, we know we have a couple of students who have peanut allergies, but if there are other dietary restrictions we should be aware of, please email Stacie Driscoll at If students are planning to order out, they will need to tell Mrs. Driscoll in the kitchen the day before. Parents, if you would like to volunteer to help with lunches, email Stacie at OR sign up in the volunteer section on Charms.

On Wednesday evening, 8/19, we will give our first performance of the year. It is freshmen orientation day once again, so we will have food available for anybody who needs to eat before our performance. We will meet at 6:30 that evening and quickly get into full uniform. Then we will walk up to Redstone Highlands to participate in their annual carnival, along with several other groups. They will not be having a parade this year, but we will still perform our field show as a stand-still at the front of the building, so family members are welcome to join us! Afterward, we will march down to our practice field (by the greenhouse) and perform pregame and halftime. Everyone is invited to come and watch what we have learned during band camp! Bring a chair or blanket and watch from the hill – it’s a great view, and our own volunteer firefighters will be there to light up the field.

Friday, 8/21 is our last day of band camp, and we will celebrate by having our annual section competition at 9 AM. This is open to the spectators, so come and cheer on your favorite section to win the golden drillmaster. The band will have an ice cream social at 2 PM to wrap up the week.

Saturday, 8/22 is Kennywood Day. We will meet, wearing the new yellow band shirts, at 9 AM in the band room. This will be our first “away trip” so we will have assigned buses — the students will choose their bus earlier that week. We will be performing that evening, so students will need to take their uniforms and shoes to change into before the performance. A very filling lunch is provided by the band parents, but students will need spending money if they wish to purchase anything else that day. We will perform in the 8 PM parade, along with several other schools, and tickets are available to purchase if family members wish to go on their own that day. Contact Jennifer Rohlfing at if you wish to purchase tickets. We will return to the school around 11 PM. If students wish to ride home with their parents, they MUST turn in a transportation form to Mrs. West 24 hours in advance.

The last rehearsal before school begins will be on Monday, 8/24, at Offutt Field. We will have a lot to work on that day, and it is our only practice on the turf, so we will begin promptly at 3:30 PM.

I hope I have answered a lot of your questions about what to expect in August. Please post a reply to this article if I have missed anything! See you all very soon!