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School spirit music unit

Fight Music – your favorite colleges’ fight songs.

Lyrics to College Fight Songs – ever wonder what they’re really saying?

College marching bands – from Wikipedia

500 – GSHS’s fight song
Roar, Li-ons roar! Po-wer on, raise the score!
Fight on to vic-to-ry and fame for-ev-er more!
Proud-ly we cheer as we march to the goal.
Hur-rah for Li-ons proud and bold,
All hail the brown and gold!

Fight Song assignment:
— Create a fight song for either GSMS or a GSMS activity/sport.
— Your song needs to be 16 to 32 measures in length.
— Create your lyrics (words) first, using MS Word.
— Then, set your lyrics to music, using Finale NotePad.
— Use the lyric tool (feather) to input your lyrics.
— Give your Fight Song a title, and add your names to the top.
— Save your rough copy in your H: drive.
— WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED, save your final copy here:
— P:\Mrs. West\6th grade\Fight Songs\Finale NotePad\names.mus
— Then, “save as” a MIDI file in the same folder.
— Finally, add a background to your MIDI file, using Band in a Box.
— Save your final song as a MID file and save here:
— P:\Mrs. West\6th grade\Fight Songs\Band in a Box\names.mid

*** Click here for a checklist to use while writing your song!

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