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Introduction to notation

New keyboard guide 

Notation introduction –

Flash Notes (fast!) – online treble clef notation quiz (from

Flash Notes 2 – more forgiving version of the quiz (from

Melody game – repeat the melody to win! 

Playing practice – At

More practice 1 – Au Clair de la Lune

More practice 2 – Ode To Joy

More practice 3 – Row Row Row Your Boat

Staff paper – print it out and write your own music

Composition assignment:

Your song, on staff paper, will need to consist of exactly four lines of notes. Follow these guidelines to choose from the notes listed for each line:

Line 1 (8 notes) — C D E F G A

Line 2 (6 notes) — D E F G A B

Line 3 (6 notes) — E F G A B

Line 4 (8 notes) — C E F G A c