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Eighth grade final project

In this project, your group will create a musical artist or group, an album of music, a music video of their hit single and then write a reflection essay about their experience. This project will be completed in groups of two to four students and is worth 100 points. Click here for a printable rubric for this project.

Step 1 – Create the musical artist
Think about what music you like, the qualities of your favorite and least favorite artists. Decide what qualities will be most successful with the type of artist you decide to create. Is it a rock band? A rapper? A singer/songwriter? What kind of music will they play and sing – and most importantly, do you think you can CREATE that type of music easily? Give your band/group/artist a name, and make it catchy.

Step 2 – Create your music (5 songs)
This should be familiar territory – we’ve done this before! You will want to start with your lyrics. Make your songs about something you can identify with – and something your target audience will enjoy. Write your lyrics in Word so the artist could read them when singing your songs. Use Soundtrap to create the final product of your songs. Your songs will all need to be downloaded before you turn them in, and each song has its own assignment in Teams.

  • Each song needs to have lyrics that you will save in Word and paste into the Teams assignment. You do NOT need to sing them.
  • Each song needs to be at least 1:30 long, with at least 5 tracks. Make your music interesting to listen to, not too repetitive.

Step 3 – Create a music video of your favorite song
Your single will be represented visually using Minecraft screen capture, stop motion or a video camera/cell phone and whoever you want to star in your video. You can always work on this at home using any available video or computer equipment you have – you should use your OneDrive so that you can work together no matter where you are. Your final video needs to be submitted as a MP4 or WMV file.

Step 4 – Reflection
When you are finished with everything, you will need to turn in a short document reflecting on your experience. Talk about your artist and the process your group went through to create their album. It is recommended that you create a shared document at the beginning of the project and add to it throughout. This document will be copied and pasted into the Teams assignment.

Good luck, and most importantly – have fun!!