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Art and Music Composition Projects

Art Websites
Westmoreland Museum of American Art
National Portrait Gallery [US]
Louvre Museum (Paris, France)

British Museum (London, England)
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

Project #1
Choose a piece of artwork, then…
Step 1: Combine sounds that represent your artwork using Acid (30 seconds)
Step 2: Save and render your WMV in P: drive (“Art and Music 1” folder)

Project #2
Step 1: Choose five contrasting pieces of artwork and save
Step 2: Create a 30 second Acid WMV for each piece of artwork
Step 3: Open Windows Movie Maker
Step 4: Import and arrange your clips
Step 5: Create a title, credits and add transitions
Step 6: Save your project as a WMV file in the P: drive (“Art and Music 2” turn-in folder)