Band Parents

The GS Band Parents Association meets in the High School band room at 7:30 PM on the second Monday of every month throughout the calendar year. Join us at the meetings for information and discussion.  Click here for the association’s by-laws.

Not a member yet? Click here for a membership form!

2020-21 Officers and Committee Chairs

President - Tom McGuireVice-President - Natalie Nichols
Treasurer - Amy GhristSecretary - Emily Miller
Chaperones – Andrea ShisslerConcession Stand - Brenda Smith
Family Picnic – Amy GhristHospitality - Andrea Shissler
Kennywood Day – Lee GarsteckMembership - Peggy Trout
Points – Robin McGuireSenior Night - Amy Ghrist
Spring Banquet – OPENSpring Trip - Sara Kaufman, Cheri Kolaczynski
Sub Sales - Greg FelbaumWays and Means – Sherry Grimme
Uniforms – Lisa Fox

Band Parent News

  • Add funds to a student’s account using our online system here.
  • Click here to enter the Charms system (student accounts, forms, attendance, etc.)
  • Download the membership application here.
  • All chaperones must submit current clearances. Please read this letter from the school district for information on how to obtain your clearances. If you have official clearances that are less than 5 years old, please give us a copy.
  • All fundraiser information can be found in the band room! Information will be posted online as it is received.
  • Current fundraisers:
    • Sub sales ****CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE ORDERING!****
      (Email Greg for more info)
      Sub sale dates:
      June 13, 2020                              July 11, 2020                      August 15, 2020
      September 19, 2020                  October 17, 2020               November 14, 2020
      December 19, 2020                   January 16, 2021               February 13, 2021
      March 13, 2021                         April 17, 2021                     May 15, 2021
    • Other current fundraisers
      • Thanksgiving pies – order forms are on the piano in the band room
      • Sarris Candy
        • Go to to view the brochure and order online.
        • Select “order online”. Put in the Group ID for Greensburg Salem HS Band:  16-1170 and the seller’s name.
        • Order from the Holiday Brochure and click the shopping cart to pay and provide shipping address.
        • Orders will receive 25% profit. Send Natalie Nichols ( your total amount of candy sold so that 25% is allocated to your student’s points. Sarris will be providing GSBPA one check in January 2020 for the 25%. If we do not receive your total $ sold, we will not be able to determine what portion of this Sarris check is to go to your student’s account.
        • Orders may be placed online now through 12/11/20.
    • Aluminum cans may be recycled through Stanko Products Inc. on Donahue Road in Greensburg. Take your cans around to the far side of the building and go in the second metal door. Your cans will be weighed. Be sure to give the band student’s name and to say that this is for the GS Band. A check will be sent to the band parents and credited to your child’s points account. The rate for aluminum varies ($0.35/pound as of July 2019). Cans are accepted Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm (they are at lunch from 12 to 12:30).
  • Fundraiser chairs – reporting spreadsheet (right click and “save as”).

If you have news for this page please email it to Mrs. West!