Clemson Housing Agreement

Your cost of living at Cottages of Clemson can be covered by financial aid, just like on campus. All available financial aid, once the university fees have been honoured, are made available to the student for non-institutional expenses, such as for example. B accommodation outside the campus. These funds can be used to pay fees to Cottages of Clemson. The usual payment terms continue to apply. The guarantor must sign the guarantee contract. If the resident is not of legal age to perform a contract, the guarantor must sign both the lease and the guarantee contract. Clemson Living offers individual contracts that allow residents to rent in-room apartments. Each resident signs an agreement to rent their own student room and shares the living room, kitchen and other common areas with roommates.

This approach solves some of the problems usually associated with traditional housing contracts. If a roommate pays too late or withdraws prematurely and is fined, other residents are not affected, as they have no financial responsibility for their roommates. Parents who co-signed for their students also appreciate renting in bed because these contracts reduce the financial risk for them and their students. Clemson Living operates several student flatshares near Clemson University, including 109 College, The Orchard Clemson, Orchard West, The Boundary, The Farm and The Estate Clemson. Check out our real estate sites to find out more about a particular property you are interested in or contact our leasing employees to ask a specific question. Our property management company is owner-managed and community oriented. In each of the municipalities we monitor, our #1 goal is to provide excellent service to residents. A parent or other qualified and responsible party who can afford to pay if a resident does not. Our guarantee agreement requires the registration of an active credit/debit card in order to consolidate this agreement.

The typical rental period is about 11.5 months of occupancy, which corresponds to the academic calendar of the university. A total amount of rent is charged to the occupant for the contractually agreed occupancy period. The lease agreement reflects the total amount of rent, which is usually divided into 12 equal tranches due from August 1 to July 1. These payments are not a monthly amount of rent and will not be paid on a pro rata basis. I had a friend who did this a few years ago. Clemson`s housing contract is a binding contract with the state of South Carolina (they remind you when you fill it out), so it`s not an easy process at all. You will probably ask to prove that you have a very good reason to withdraw – not being able to afford it seems to me to be valid. It will probably take a personal meeting with them and will probably also take some time and will not be solved in a day.

But it is possible. I`d call tomorrow to talk to someone to get an idea of what the trial will look like. .