Cfo Employment Agreement Sample

As part of your revised CFO/COO employment contract, you should also try to delineate your responsibility and authority and report as a COO. You should also provide for revised termination terms, so that if the company subsequently attempts to remove this title and power from you without your consent, this may trigger termination for cause and severance pay. (Please note that I do not offer legal advice. I check the points that are worth considering when negotiating your CFO employment contract. For a concrete consultation on your employment situation, I recommend discussing it with appropriate consultants.) 5.5 Effect of Termination. At the end of the employee`s employment relationship in the company, whether such dismissal is initiated by the employee or by the company, the employee is considered to have resigned from all positions (including all senior management positions) that were subsequently retained in the company. The Employee agrees that the Employee shall cooperate fully with the Company for a period of three (3) months after the termination of the employment relationship, except for a material reason, in all matters related to its ongoing obligations under this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the management of work in progress on behalf of the Company and the orderly transfer of work to other Employees of the Company. .