Agreement Between Computed Tomography

Alp H, Güler I, Orbak Z, Karakelleoğlu C, Tan H, Eren S (1999) Efficacy and safety of rectal thiopental: sedation for children undergod computed tomograph and magnetic resonance imaging. Pediatrician Int 41:538-541. US AAA over 5 years old were analyzed retrospectively. Landlocked patients had aneurysms of ≥5 cm on US followed by a CT scan within 2 months (n = 123). Based on maximum U.S. diameters, 44 patients had aneurysms between 5 and 5.4 cm (group I) and 79 patients ≥5.5 cm (group II). Results were reported cross-sectionally. Correlation and match limits were calculated. Two radiologists again measured 44 pairs of CT/US scans and Inter-Observer biases to determine the differences between the calculated imaging modalities.