Meet the 2014-15 Drumline! 1

2014-15 Greensburg Salem Drumline

Drew “Shelby” E.
Ethan “Franklin” T.
Ryan S.
Tommy “Jimmy Neutron/Selfie” L.

Addison S.
Travis B.

Brandon “Lucky” D.
Courtney P.
Brooklyn D.
Kylie “Crushy McCrusherson” H.
Paige “Fatality” P.
Luke “Lukeas” P.
Tyler “Smiles” C.
Andrew N.
Blaise V.
Zack P.
Peter L.
Trent S.
Gabe V.

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    William "Bill" Cox

    Great to see such a big drumline, it was my pleasure to be part of the bass line from 83-86. Last summer I ran into the drumline at Kennywood, go figure the odds of seeing my school there, met some of the young men and women of the line and I was very proud to see them keeping up the fine tradition of the GSHS drumline. Being part of the line gave me some of the best memeories I have ever had, the football games, band competitions and the infamous sub sales….Keep up the great work.

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