Musical websites and games

Music Tech Teacher - games and quizzes page.

Petrucci Music Library - FREE public domain musical scores
and parts that you can print.

Louis Armstrong House - learn about Louis Armstrong and his music.

SFS Kids - lots of different musical activities! Be sure to
check out the Composerizer and Radio features of this site.

PBS Jazz "Bandleader" - create your own jazz band!

orDrumbox - an online drum machine.

Play Piano - an online piano with songs for you to play.

Groovelab - make and save drum loops.

AccuRadio - online radio with lots of musical styles!

musicovery - a unique interactive online music player.

Pandora - create custom radio stations.

Bing videos - music videos hosted by

Creating Music - make your own music and more!

Melody game - repeat the melody to win!

Music machine - make your own melody and play it back.

Flashdrums - another drum machine for composing loops.

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