GSMS Music Technology

This three-year program at GSMS explores music technology using many different tools, including keyboards, notation and looping programs, video and audio editing and web/graphic design. Click here for the rubric for the weekly class grade.

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Class links

Musical websites and free time activities

Simple number songs

Our first compositions

Introduction to note letters

Patriotic sheet music

Introduction to Sharps and Flats

Introduction to Notation

Introduction to Rhythm

Simple holiday songs

Introduction to Chords

Sony Acid (download it here!)

Short Story Composition Project

Art and Music Composition Projects

School spirit music unit

How do we use music to help us celebrate?

Research your favorite music

Introduction to movie music

Early history of music in motion pictures

Introduction to video game music

Minecraft and music

Minecraft Project Student Walkthroughs

Minecraft Music Video Examples

Songwriting resources

Music industry introduction

Eighth grade final project